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Personal Training

Want to start a new exercise program but don't know where to begin? Do you need a little extra push? Someone to hold you accountable? Or maybe you just want to brush up on the fundamentals...

Start by setting up a FREE consultation by contacting us by phone at (505)985-6184 or email at roadrunnerfitnessnm@gmail.com. Also feel free to contact us on Facebook or Instagram.

Be the best you can be with personal training by Roadrunner Fitness. Your exercise program will be designed specifically to meet your individual needs, and will be implemented through constant interaction of a friendly, knowledgeable, and motivational professional.


Program design is based on  your personal goals, exercise experience, and medical history to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Basic nutritional needs, such as daily caloric needs and a breakdown of macronutrient consumption, will also be assessed.

Personal training with Roadrunner Fitness is versatile: training is available at Omnistrength or in the comfort of your own private gym.

Roadrunner Fitness also offers small group training, which is more cost-effective and may increase motivation and adherence.  Ask about this option if you have friends or family who would like to join you.

Personal Training Rates:

Single Session: $50

12 Sessions pre-paid: $500

6 Sessions pre-paid: $275